Hedge fund intelligence and analysis

  • Comprehensive hedge fund information and performance metrics
  • Valuable analysts’ perspectives
  • Options to search, analyze and personalize for your workflow

Now including Hedge Fund Alert

What is With HFM?

With HFM is a new combination of information about hedge funds. It gives you comprehensive data, news, performance metrics and our own exclusive commentary and our analysts’ perspectives.

It blends information from HFM and Eurekahedge, and brings these rich data sources together for the first time.

With HFM is delivered via our contemporary new interface with its filtering, analysis and personalization options so you can search across our data sets, find and analyze the information you need quickly and tailor the content to your interests.

— How it can help you?

With HFM helps you with fund raising, allocation decisions and growing your business

We help you find answers to the difficult questions:

  • Monitor people moves, asset allocations, pending searches, mandates (RFPs)

  • Get strategic, actionable intelligence on existing and new prospects

  • Benchmark funds against peers so you know you’re allocating to the best managers for your portfolio

  • Create league tables that highlight fund performance

  • Be the first to understand new funds launching – and potential fund launches

  • Identify and target your top priority investors in a region

Now including Hedge Fund Alert

Hedge Fund Alert – also known as HFA – is a weekly update on the US fund management industry and gives you early access to the inside view

  • Get breaking news and exclusives

  • Identify risks and opportunities

  • Inform your direction of investment

What does HFA cover?
  • Behind-the-scenes courting of pensions and other institutional investors

  • Steps taken by managers to comply with the new wave of fund regulations

  • Wall Street traders’ ‘confidential’ plans to launch funds

  • Secret circumstances behind fund blow-ups

  • Brokers and other service providers jockeying for market share

  • Career moves by key industry professionals

  • Technology and operational successes, failures and challenges of fund managers

— Our coverage

Our data is fresh, exclusive and spans the investment landscape. Our focus is on quality and providing rich and valuable information on the funds and opportunities that matter to you.











— What information does With HFM contain?

Our data empowers you to successfully target the right prospects, have conversations with the right investors and make the right investment decisions.

We deliver rich data on investors, performance data on funds, plus a rich source of proprietary intelligence on the industry, and its people –investors, managers and consultants. We also have an exclusive, highly valuable dataset of investors’ intentions and preferences.

News and intel

Your Now feed delivers intelligence that’s been gathered by our researchers, reporters, and data analysts.


We deliver profiles on:

  • Investors

  • Funds

  • Managers

  • Consultants


Get early access to opportunities. We include information from mandates (RFPs) and official listings that inform the market of money to be invested, how it will be invested, and the process that will be used to select the appropriate funds, giving you relevant, timely and concrete alerts.


We offer a range of indices, including the renowned Eurekahedge indices, so you can benchmark performance against a group of funds, and understand market positions. You can also create your own indices to highlight performance in tailored league tables.

The combination of HFM and Eurekahedge indices results in a greater number of constituent funds for a more comprehensive view.

Intentions and preferences

Investor Intentions and preferences show you who is planning to allocate where and why, so you can quickly assess potential alignment, identify opportunities and review ESG credentials.

— What can you do with our data?

Work more efficiently, make decisions and create actions

Our interface is modern, easy to use and very flexible. You can integrate our rich dataset right into your workflow. Use it for:


It’s simple to create even complex searches. We offer a huge range of filters – 214 in total – that you can combine to find very specific traits and save your searches to use again and again.


A range of tools help you analyze and act:

  • Fund Comparison tool for extensive analysis of an unlimited number of funds and indices

  • Visualization options: see fund data and statistics graphically

  • Side-by-side profile comparisons

  • Fund ranking for peer analysis so you can create your own league tables.

  • Performance-based filters so you can track and benchmark fund performance

Exporting the data

You can easily download the information you need to your own systems for further analysis.

We’re here to help you connect with the right people, right intelligence and right opportunities

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Helping investors

Track and benchmark fund performance and indices so you can allocate effectively.

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Helping service providers

Identify, and qualify, timely opportunities via the Now feed and find the most relevant prospects to contact in our manager database.

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