Work with us

Help us deliver more detail on the alternative asset management industry, to more customers.

We connect our customers with the right data, the right people, and the right opportunities and we’re looking for the right talent and skills to help us grow and develop as a business.

Who we are

We’re a data and intelligence company with a journalistic heritage. We’re developing our products to offer more data and more detail to service a wider market.

A huge range of skills combine to create what we do and deliver it to our customers. If you’re looking to develop your career, or start a new one, we’re a great place to be. Fast-growing, collaborative and dynamic we always have a lot going on.

Key areas of development include product development, data strategists, analysts and engineering, investor relations, sales, marketing, events, software developers, financial journalists, and researchers.

Our values

Keep getting better.

United by our spirit of enquiry, we are driven to evolve. We are all insight seekers. Constantly asking ‘What’s next?’, ‘How do we do this better?’.

Always deliver.

We keep our promises and deliver the goods each and every time. We act with integrity, and strive for quality that’s consistent in the long-term.

Make an impact.

Ideas are nothing without action. Our work is only as good as the results it enables. Natural entrepreneurs, we’re committed to making things happen with speed and decisiveness.

Be yourself.

Everyone is valued for what they uniquely contribute. We believe having diverse ideas and expertise is a huge plus. Multiple perspectives make for richer ideas and better decision making.

Work together.

None of us is as good as all of us. We believe we are at our best when we work together as a team, share ideas, collaborate and cross fertilise.

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