Who we are

Connecting investors and managers to the right people and data to raise and allocate assets effectively.

With a background in journalism, our journey started over 20 years ago.

We’re now a leading provider of data on, and for, the alternative asset management industry.

On our way we’ve made strategic acquisitions, acquired the right talent, and invested in becoming experts in creating unique and valuable datasets.

Our new platform helps you get the most from our data. It’s modern, easy to use, and simple to filter content to tailor it to your role and your challenges.

We give you the data you need to spot your next big opportunity. Via our data platform, and our events, we help you make the right connections, have the right conversations, and achieve your goals.

What’s special about our data?

We deliver a unique and rich blend of data and intelligence that includes profiles, fund information, people, indices, news, performance metrics, valuable analyst perspectives and our renowned investors’ intentions and preferences.

We’ve created highly valued information and events membership packages for allocators. In return they’re happy to share with us regular updates on where they’re planning to allocate and why. This information is detailed and irreplicable. And exactly what asset managers need to assess potential alignment and identify opportunities.

We’re also continually investing in our information collection processes, sources, and depth so we can deliver the best data in the market.

With Intelligence includes some key industry brands

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Data that delivers success…

“I found the story so interesting I responded to the RFP on behalf of my firm…Thank you, we’ve been selected.”

We make it easy to find the opportunities and give you the right intelligence to prepare for success.

Our journey


Founded as Pageant Media by Charlie Kerr


£1m revenue


Launch of HFMWeek


First awards created – HFMWeek Performance Awards


50 employees


Membership services launched – includes newsletters, event information and news


  • £10m revenue
  • 100 employees


  • New York office opened
  • Launch of Fund Intelligence
  • Acquisition of Real Estate Finance & Investment
  • Acquisition of Property Investor Europe


  • 10,000 memberships reached
  • Hong Kong office opened
  • Acquisition of iiSearches; Foundation & Endowment Intelligence and Money Management Intelligence (became Fundmap)


  • 200 employees
  • Launch of Fundmap
  • Acquisition of Hedge Fund Intelligence
  • Data Research function established in Cardiff
  • Revenue hits £20m


Acquisition of Institutional Investor Journals, including Journal of Portfolio Management


  • Acquisition of The Pension Bridge
  • Launch of Portfolio Management Research – IIJ Journals relaunched as Portfolio Management Research
  • 20th anniversary of Eurohedge
  • £30m revenue


  • Acquisition of Eurekahedge
  • Acquisition of Falk Marques Group


  • Acquisition of Hedge Fund Alert
  • Acquisition of Pension Funds Online
  • Launch of Traditional Fund Intelligence
  • Acquisition of Savvy Investor
  • Pageant Media relaunches as With Intelligence


  • Launch of With Intelligence platform
  • Launch of With Private Equity
  • Launch of With HFM
  • Acquisition of CAMRADATA