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Helping service providers grow their businesses

Identify, and qualify, timely opportunities and find the most relevant prospects

Find the right prospects

Our data and intel empower you to successfully target the right prospects

  • Monitor people moves – get advance notice of new roles and find out more about their new challenges

  • Be alerted to pre-event news, future fund launches, spin-offs and asset allocations

  • Get strategic, actionable intelligence on existing and new prospects

With Intelligence – delivering the detail on the alternative asset management industry


We’re here to help you connect with the right people, right intelligence and right opportunities

Our global team includes researchers, data scientists, analysts, reporters and journalists, all obsessed with revealing the details on the alternative asset management industry. We compare performances, create reports and provide detailed analysis.

We deliver a unique and rich blend of data and intelligence on the people and funds that matter to you. We do this via our in-house experts, strategic acquisitions, our event portfolio, our inside view, and our mature relationships across the industry.

Work more efficiently, make decisions and create actions

Our interface is modern, easy to use and very flexible. And you can integrate our rich dataset right into your workflow.

We deliver rich data on investors, performance data on funds, plus a rich source of proprietary intelligence on the industry, and its people –investors, managers and consultants. We also have an exclusive, dataset of investors’ intentions and preferences that can help assess alignment if that’s your target market.


It’s simple to create even complex searches. We offer a huge range of filters that you can combine to find very specific traits and you can save your searches to use again and again.

Learn more about people and their challenges – and develop relationships

Our intel feed gives you a continuous stream of news and information on what’s happening in the industry. Use our data to enhance your relationship management. Track clients’ activities, see how they’re performing, and spot when something changes. It’s simple to tailor our intel and data for your world – so all your alerts and signals give you the insight you need to get ahead.

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Alleviate your data pains

Make it easier for your teams to be effective

We can help with your number one pain point – data that’s out of date, incomplete, or that they’re just not confident in.

Set your team up for success with our new App and seamlessly integrate our growth-providing data straight into your instance of Salesforce

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With Intelligence

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enriching intelligence

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Your Salesforce

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Enrich and refresh your existing Salesforce data

  • Add strategic data points to your records, including assets under management, and rankings, for more precise prospecting and market sizing

  • Make your dataset more searchable for more accurate targeting

  • Work more efficiently by identifying the accounts closest to your target profiles

  • Review individuals associated to accounts to replenish your contact pool

  • Add new accounts to Salesforce to optimize your total addressable market and for fresh prospecting

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We’re a people and relationships industry. Our events, sponsorships and awards programmes have been running for over 20 years. Find out how we can provide the perfect platform for you to create connections, win awards and demonstrate your prowess.

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