Our Sustainability 

FuturePlus Impact certified badge

To give us an overarching view of our sustainability impact, With Intelligence use FuturePlus. FuturePlus is a comprehensive sustainability measurement, management, and reporting tool, which supports us to work towards becoming a more sustainable company, and ensuring that our values are brought to life in everything we do.

FuturePlus assesses and scores us on over 250 indicators across five sustainability themes: Climate, Environment, Diversity & Inclusion, Economic, and Social impact. 

We receive an Actual Score, indicating how sustainable our business is now, and an Ambition Score for the sustainability ambitions we still want to achieve. 

Future Plus With Intelligence

With Intelligence are proud to share our FuturePlus score and the transparency of our sustainability journey that we are on.

Diversity and inclusion at the core

For us, diversity, recognising difference, and inclusion, valuing those differences, isn’t just about ticking boxes – it’s about ensuring we have an open and welcome environment enriched in acceptance, which reflects diversity in all our global locations. We have three networks – With Heritage, With Pride, With Women – to promote inclusiveness, allyship, cognitive diversity and mental and physical wellbeing to every member of the company.