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“It’s the most cutting-edge research… if I’m [working on] a critical project, they are my go-to source.” C-Suite Investor

PMR is the definitive independent research platform for the investment management industry

Portfolio Management Research, usually known as PMR, is part of the With Intelligence portfolio. It gives you the latest financial thinking to support your strategy and implementation.

It’s powered by leading industry experts including celebrated practitioners, academics, institutional investors, and researchers, as well as Nobel Laureates. Together, they unite behind a shared mission of advancing innovations across portfolio management. Every published article is subject to a rigorous peer review process, so you can trust our content and build portfolios with more discernment and certainty.

Search across our range of journals

PMR is a collection of 13 journals – now on a new, contemporary search platform so you can search across all content in all journals quickly and easily.

You can browse the content by topic or search for very specific content.

PMR includes more than 12,000 articles covering 60 investment disciplines with new content added daily to help you stay current, get the latest ideas, and shape your conviction.

Showcasing the revolutionary developments in financial theory and practice

Key topics:

  • Portfolio management

  • Risk management in theory and practice

  • Quantitative finance

  • Regulation, taxation, governance, and compliance

  • Economics and financial history

  • Asset classes

Practical Applications

These short reports are the ideal bridge between financial theory and practice. They help you quickly implement key research.

Every week we select highlights from our technical published research and distil it down to the central concepts and practical takeaways. They’re ideal for highlighting the most actionable findings and deliver our expert content in simple to understand and digest formats.

New on PMR

We recently launched a new version of PMR with the following benefits

Enhanced search functionality

Search is now at the heart of the way that you use PMR. Discoverable by topic, our improved tagging system means it’s now quicker and easier to find the information you need. Meaning you spend less time searching, and more time utilizing the research that powers your allocation decisions.

Top Picks – our recommend reading list for you

Our expert editors and research team curate research highlights alongside trending topics from across PMR – so you can save time and be well-informed.

Expert opinions

More than 65% of our content is written by practitioners, for practitioners, meaning they deliver expertise on the topics that matter with a diversity of views and approaches to help you build portfolios with more discernment, certainty, and awareness.

List of journals

The Journal of Portfolio Management

Edited by Frank Fabozzi
4 regular issues and 6 special topical issues
First published in 1974

The Journal of Financial Data Science

Edited by Frank Fabozzi, Marcos Lopez de Prado and Joseph Simonian
4 regular issues
First published in 1974

The Journal of Impact and ESG Investing

Edited by Brian Bruce
4 regular issues
First published in 2020

The Journal of Investing

Edited by Brian Bruce
6 regular issues
First published in 1992

The Journal of Fixed Income

Edited by Stanley Kon
4 regular issues
First published in 1991

The Journal of Alternative Investments

Edited by Hossein Kazemi
4 regular issues
First published 1974

The Journal of Wealth Management

Edited by Jean Brunel and Paul Bouchey
4 regular issues
First published in 1998

The Journal of Retirement

Edited by Brett Hammond and Anthony Webb
4 regular issues
First published in 2013

The Journal of Derivatives

Edited by Joseph M. Pimbley
4 regular issues
First published in 1993

The Journal of Beta Investment Strategies

Edited by Brian Bruce
4 regular issues
First published in 2010

The Journal of Structured Finance

Edited by Mark Adelson
4 regular issues
First published in 1995

The Journal of Private Equity (Retired)

Edited by John Mathis, Ph.D.
Published 1997-2019

The Journal of Trading (Retired)

Edited by Brian Bruce
Published 2006-2018

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