About Us
We are a training program in Central Florida with a passion for helping TEAMS (human AND dog). Many handlers receive a dog from a program and become unsure of what to do if the dog develops a bad habit or needs any type of refresher. In this case, we are your trainers for life after placing a dog with you. Never worry about the future because we will always be there by your side.

All dogs being placed to their forever home will have passed a CGC test, be trained to fit the guidelines of the official public access test for service dogs and know tasks to help their disabled handler. 

Our program primarily provides Golden Retrievers and other breeds are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Our overall mission is to bring awareness to psychiatric disabilities by providing an avenue for owner training, fully trained service dogs, and education. We provide a helping partner and lifeline to those who need it the most and believe that someone's invisible disability does not exclude them from being able to live a fully independent life.

Mission Statement